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Fabbricante : STMicroelectronics, Inc
Pacchetto : 265-TFBGA
Tipologia di produzione : Embedded - Microcontrollers
Datasheet: STM32H747XIH6 Datasheet (PDF)
RoHs Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant
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STM32H747XIH6 Dettagli del prodotto

STM32H747xI/G devices are based on the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M7 and Cortex®-M4 32-bit RISC cores. The Cortex®-M7 core operates at up to 480 MHz and the Cortex®-M4 core at up to 240 MHz. Both cores feature a floating point unit (FPU) which supports Arm® single- and double-precision (Cortex®-M7 core) operations and conversions (IEEE 754 compliant), including a full set of DSP instructions and a memory protection unit (MPU) to enhance application security.

STM32H747xI/G devices incorporate high-speed embedded memories with a dual-bank Flash memory of up to 2 Mbytes, up to 1 Mbyte of RAM (including 192 Kbytes of TCM RAM, up to 864 Kbytes of user SRAM and 4 Kbytes of backup SRAM), as well as an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and peripherals connected to APB buses, AHB buses, 2x32-bit multi-AHB bus matrix and a multi layer AXI interconnect supporting internal and external memory access.

All the devices offer three ADCs, two DACs, two ultra-low power comparators, a low-power RTC, a high-resolution timer, 12 general-purpose 16-bit timers, two PWM timers for motor control, five low-power timers, a true random number generator (RNG). The devices support four digital filters for external sigma-delta modulators (DFSDM). They also feature standard and advanced communication interfaces.

STM32H747XIH6 Pinout

The STM32H747XIH6 microcontroller features an extensive array of pins that serve various functions. Below is a summary of the key pins and their functionalities:

Cortex-M7 Core Pins (Primary Core):

  1. VDD: Positive Supply Voltage (1.7V to 3.6V).

  2. VSSA/VSSD: Analog and Digital Ground Connections.

  3. NRST: Reset Input (Active Low) for the primary core.

  4. PA0 to PA15: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

  5. PB0 to PB15: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

  6. PC0 to PC15: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

  7. PD0 to PD15: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

  8. PE0 to PE15: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

  9. PF0 to PF15: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

  10. PG0 to PG15: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

Cortex-M4 Core Pins (Secondary Core):

  1. VDD_M4: Supply Voltage (1.7V to 3.6V) for the secondary core.

  2. VSSA/VSSD_M4: Analog and Digital Ground Connections for the secondary core.

  3. NRST_M4: Reset Input (Active Low) for the secondary core.

  4. HA0/HA1: External Bus Interface Address Bus Pins.

  5. D0 to D15: External Bus Interface Data Bus Pins.

General-Purpose I/O:

  1. PC24 to PC27: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

  2. PA4/PA6/PA15: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

  3. PD6/PG6/PG7: General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins.

Power Supply and Ground:

  1. VDDA: Analog Supply Voltage (2.0V to 3.6V).

  2. VSSA: Analog Ground for the analog circuitry.

  3. VDD_MCU: MCU Supply Voltage (1.7V to 3.6V).

  4. VSS_MCU: MCU Ground for the microcontroller.

  5. VDD_VREF+: Voltage Reference Supply (2.4V to 3.6V).

  6. VDD_VREF-: Voltage Reference Ground.

  7. VDDA: Analog Supply Voltage (2.0V to 3.6V).

  8. VSSA: Analog Ground for the analog circuitry.

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics (ST)

The STM32H747XIH6 Microcontroller is proudly manufactured by STMicroelectronics (ST), a renowned semiconductor company with a strong commitment to quality and innovation. ST's extensive experience ensures that the STM32H747XIH6 meets the highest industry standards.



  • 32-bit Arm Cortex-M7 core with double-precision FPU and L1 cache: 16 Kbytes of data and 16 Kbytes of instruction cache; frequency up to 480 MHz, MPU, 1027 DMIPS/ 2.14 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1), and DSP instructions

  • 32-bit Arm 32-bit Cortex-M4 core with FPU, Adaptive real-time accelerator (ART Accelerator) for internal Flash memory and external memories, frequency up to 240 MHz, MPU, 300 DMIPS/1.25 DMIPS /MHz (Dhrystone 2.1), and DSP instructions


  • Up to 2 Mbytes of Flash memory with read-while-write support

  • 1 Mbyte of RAM: 192 Kbytes of TCM RAM (inc. 64 Kbytes of ITCM RAM + 128 Kbytes of DTCM RAM for time critical routines), 864 Kbytes of user SRAM, and 4 Kbytes of SRAM in Backup domain

  • Dual mode Quad-SPI memory interface running up to 133 MHz

  • Flexible external memory controller with up to 32-bit data bus: SRAM, PSRAM, SDRAM/LPSDR SDRAM, NOR/NAND Flash memory clocked up to 125 MHz in Synchronous mode

  • CRC calculation unit


  • ROP, PC-ROP, active tamper

General-purpose input/outputs

  • Up to 168 I/O ports with interrupt capability

Reset and power management

  • 3 separate power domains which can be independently clock-gated or switched off:

  1. D1: high-performance capabilities

  2. D2: communication peripherals and timers

  3. D3: reset/clock control/power management

  • 1.62 to 3.6 V application supply and I/Os

  • POR, PDR, PVD and BOR

  • Dedicated USB power embedding a 3.3 V internal regulator to supply the internal PHYs

  • Embedded regulator (LDO) to supply the digital circuitry

  • High power-efficiency SMPS step-down converter regulator to directly supply VCORE and/or external circuitry

  • Voltage scaling in Run and Stop mode (6 configurable ranges)

  • Backup regulator (~0.9 V)

  • Voltage reference for analog peripheral/VREF+

  • 1.2 to 3.6 V VBAT supply

  • Low-power modes: Sleep, Stop, Standby and VBAT supporting battery charging

Low-power consumption

  • VBAT battery operating mode with charging capability

  • CPU and domain power state monitoring pins

  • 2.95 μA in Standby mode (Backup SRAM OFF, RTC/LSE ON)

Clock management

  • Internal oscillators: 64 MHz HSI, 48 MHz HSI48, 4 MHz CSI, 32 kHz LSI

  • External oscillators: 4-48 MHz HSE, 32.768 kHz LSE

  • 3× PLLs (1 for the system clock, 2 for kernel clocks) with Fractional mode

Interconnect matrix


The STM32H747XIH6 MCU is used in various embedded and control applications, including:

  • Industrial Control: It's employed in industrial control systems for tasks such as monitoring and controlling machinery and automation.

  • Networking: The MCU's high computational power and connectivity options make it suitable for applications in networked devices, gateways, and routers.

  • Automotive: In certain automotive applications, such as engine control units (ECUs) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

  • IoT (Internet of Things): It can be used in IoT devices for data collection, processing, and communication.

  • Consumer Electronics: In some high-performance consumer electronics products, including smart appliances, multimedia systems, and home automation devices.

  • Medical Devices: The STM32H747xIH6 is suitable for use in various medical devices, such as patient monitors, diagnostic equipment, infusion pumps, and medical imaging systems. Its high processing power and robust features can help enable the development of advanced and efficient medical solutions.

  • Consumer Electronics: This microcontroller can be found in a range of consumer electronic products. These include smart home devices, multimedia systems, high-end audio equipment, and gaming consoles. Its processing capabilities make it well-suited for applications that demand advanced features and connectivity.

  • Communication Equipment: The STM32H747xIH6 is used in communication equipment, including networking devices, routers, switches, and other infrastructure components. Its high performance and connectivity options support the demands of modern communication systems.

  • Embedded Systems with High Processing Requirements: This microcontroller is particularly valuable in embedded systems that require substantial processing power. Examples include industrial automation, robotics, automotive infotainment systems, and control systems. Its versatility makes it adaptable to a wide range of applications in embedded electronics.

STM32H747XIH6 Equivalents

For similar functionalities and capabilities, consider these alternatives to the STM32H747XIH6:

STM32F767xx: A series of high-performance microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics with single-core Arm Cortex-M7 processors.

NXP i.MX 8M: A family of high-performance applications processors with multiple Arm Cortex-A cores.

STM32H747XIH6 Block Diagram
(Immagine: Diagram)

Parametri tecnici

  • Core Processor
  • ARM? Cortex?-M4, Cortex?-M7
  • Core Size
  • 32-Bit Dual-Core
  • Speed
  • 240MHz, 480MHz
  • Connectivity
  • Peripherals
  • Brown-out Detect/Reset, DMA, I2S, LCD, POR, PWM, WDT
  • Number of I/O
  • 168
  • Program Memory Size
  • 2MB (2M x 8)
  • Program Memory Type
  • RAM Size
  • 1M x 8
  • Voltage Supply (Vcc/Vdd)
  • 1.62V ~ 3.6V
  • Data Converters
  • A/D 36x16b; D/A 2x12b
  • Oscillator Type
  • Internal
  • Operating Temperature
  • -40??C ~ 85??C (TA)
  • Mounting Type
  • Surface Mount
  • Package / Case
  • 265-TFBGA
  • Supplier Device Package
  • 240+25-TFBGA (14x14)

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