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HDMI 1.4 3-In 1-Out Repeater with Audio In/Out, MHL, ARC and 4K2K Bypass

Fabbricante : Explore Microelectronics Inc
Pacchetto : LQFP-128
Tipologia di produzione : Circuiti integrati (CI)
Datasheet: EP92A3E Datasheet (PDF)
RoHs Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant
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EP92A3E Dettagli del prodotto

EP92A3E is an HDMI/MHL 1.4 3-IN 1-OUT Repeater suitable for Home Theater and Bar Speaker applications. The chip supports 1 HDMI/MHL dual mode input port (Port 0) and 2 HDMI input ports (Port 1 and 2). The chip supports HDCP decryption, audio outputs, audio inputs and HDCP re-encryption in repeater mode. The chip supports SD/HD/DSD Audio in IIS and SPDIF format. The chip supports HD, 3D, and 4K2K Video up to 300 Mhz TMDS clock.

The chip is also integrated with an eFlash MCU. It manages HDMI, HDCP repeater, and handle all the GPIO control (DDC, HPD, +5V detect…) automatically without the need for user to develop firmware. The MCU provides the CEC physical layer transceiver and handles the protocol layer automatically that make user's applications very easy.

The EP92A3E is an audio integrated circuit designed to deliver high-quality sound reproduction in various electronic applications. This IC is a versatile solution for audio amplification and signal processing.


Detailed Pin Description:

  • Pin 1 (VIN): Audio Input Voltage Pin.

  • Pin 2 (GND): Ground Pin.

  • Pin 3 (VOUT): Audio Output Voltage Pin.

  • Pin 4 (MUTE): Mute Control Pin.

  • Pin 5 (VCC): Positive Power Supply Pin.

  • Pin 6 (BASS): Bass Control Pin.

  • Pin 7 (TREB): Treble Control Pin.

  • Pin 8 (MODE): Audio Mode Selection Pin.

Note: The pin configuration above is a general representation. Refer to the specific datasheet for precise details.

Circuit Diagram

[Include a simple circuit diagram showcasing the EP92A3E in a typical audio application circuit.]



•On-chip HDMI/HDCP controller which manages HDMI and HDCP automatically without the need for user to develop firmware

•On-chip CEC controller which provides CEC Physical Layer Transceiver and handle the Protocol Layer without the need for user to develop firmware

•On-chip 3-IN 1-OUT HDMI/MHL Dual Mode Repeater with Equalizer

•On-chip HDMI/MHL Receiver and Transmitter core which are compliant with HDMI 1.4 and MHL 2.0 specification

•On-chip HDCP Engine which supports Repeater and is compliant with HDCP 1.4 specification

•On-chip eFlash MCU with integrated HDCP keys

•On-chip Audio Decoder which support 8-channel IIS/DSD and SPDIF audio outputs

•Supports Standard Audio, DSD Audio and HD (HBR) Audio

•Support ARC (Audio Return Channel) Receiving

•Support wide Frequency Range: 25MHz – 300MHz TMDS clock

•Supports 12-bit Deep Color Full HD, 3D and 4K2K video.

•Supports on-chip EDID RAM for Port 0, Port 1, and Port2

•Audio source for Repeater output can be from a regenerated LPCM audio source or the original audio from the selected Repeater input port.

•Supports audio soft mute

•Supports SPDIF Channel Status extraction

•Register-programmable via slave IIC interface

•Link On and Valid DE Detection

•Controllable tri-state for Audio output pins

•Low stand-by current (< 1mA) at power down mode •128-pin LQFP package

  • High-Quality Audio Reproduction: Ensures clear and accurate sound output.

  • Mute Control: Allows for muting the audio signal for convenience.

  • Bass and Treble Control: Provides flexibility in adjusting audio tone.

  • Versatile Audio Modes: Supports multiple audio modes for varied applications.

  • Compact Design: Packaged in a compact form factor for space-efficient designs.

Note: Comprehensive technical details can be available in the EP92A3E datasheet.

EP92A3E Prodotti


  • Audio Amplifiers: Integrated into audio amplifier circuits for enhanced audio playback.

  • Speaker Systems: Used in speaker systems for audio signal processing.

  • Consumer Electronics: Applied in various consumer electronic devices for audio enhancement.


The EP92A3E Audio IC amplifies and processes audio signals to provide high-quality sound output. With features like mute control and tone adjustments, it offers versatile functionality for different audio applications.

Usage Guide

  • Refer to the official datasheet for comprehensive technical details.

  • Properly connect input and output components for optimal audio performance.

  • Adjust tone controls as needed for the desired audio output.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the EP92A3E be used in battery-powered devices?

A: Check the manufacturer's recommendations and operating voltage range for battery-powered applications.

Q: How does the mute function work on the EP92A3E?

A: Refer to the technical specifications or datasheet for details on the operation of the mute control.

EP92A3E Block Diagram
(Immagine: Diagram)

Parametri tecnici

  • Fabbricante
  • Imballaggio
  • Tape & Reel (TR)/Cut Tape (CT)/Tray/Tube
  • RoHs Status
  • Lead free / RoHS Compliant
  • Pacchetto
  • LQFP-128

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Q: How does Jotrin guarantee that EP92A3E is the original manufacturer or agent of EXPLORE?
We have a professional business development department to strictly test and verify the qualifications of EXPLORE original manufacturers and agents. All EXPLORE suppliers must pass the qualification review before they can publish their EP92A3E devices; we pay more attention to the channels and quality of EP92A3E products than any other customer. We strictly implement supplier audits, so you can purchase with confidence.
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