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Wire & Cable Electrical wire is used to carry electrical current from the power source to the end user device, like an outlet or light. Nonmetallic-sheathed cable has two or more insulated conductors and usually a bare ground wire. They are all wrapped in an outer protective plastic sheath. Types of Wires – There are mainly 5 types of wire: . Triplex Wires : Triplex wires are usually used in single-phase service drop conductors, between the power pole and weather heads. They are composed of two insulated aluminum wires wrapped with a third bare wire which is used as a common neutral. Jotrin as a supplier of electronic parts, selling many types of Wire & Cable.brand Wire & Cable manufacturers including 3M, Emerson, FCI, Harting, Hirose, Alpha Wire, Amphenol, Belden, Panduit, Switchcraft, TE Connectivity, Phoenix, Raychem & more. Jotrin offers stock, pricing,datasheets for Wire & Cable. To know more, Please view our selection of Wire & Cable below.
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