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RF Integrated Circuits

Circuiti integrati RF

RFIC is an abbreviation of Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit. Applications for RFICs include radar and communications, although the term RFIC might be applied to any electrical integrated circuit operating in a frequency range suitable for wireless transmission. RFICs are widely used in mobile phones and wireless devices. RFICs are analog circuits that usually run in the frequency range of 3 kHz to 2.4 GHz (3,000 hertz to 2.4 billion hertz), circuits that would work at about 1 THz. RFIC brand manufacturers including Atmel, Broadcom, Cypress, Infineon, M/A-COM, Maxim, NXP, Texas Instruments, TriQuint & many more. You can buy RF Integrated Circuits at Jotirn, such as DWM1000. Some RF Integrated Circuits stocks are blows,view the price,package,datasheet for the related RF Integrated Circuits model.                            

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