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IC driver The Driver IC is often used, for example, for a specialized integrated circuit that controls high-power switches in switched-mode power converters. An amplifier can also be considered a driver for loudspeakers, or a voltage regulator that keeps an attached component operating within a broad range of input voltages. Jotrin is selling specific Driver ICs models below.You can view stock,price,package,datasheet for the Driver ICs products list.
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  • TLD5095EL
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    Fabbricante: INFINEON

    Pacchetto: SSOP14

  • Infineon® Power LED Driver; Package: PG-SSOP-14; Topology: DC-DC Boost; VS (min): 4.75 V; VS (max): 45.0 V; VQ (max): -; IQ (max): -,LED Drivers MC RELAY + LED
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