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Winatic Corp. - Electro-Technik Industries
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  • Full Name : Winatic Corp. - Electro-Technik Industries Fabbricante
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Manufacturer Introduction

The Winatic Corp. has been in the magnetics business for almost 50 years and for about the last 30 of those years, it has been part of the Electro Technik Industries family.  During this time they have developed a reputation for designing and building quality transformers and inductors in the medical and dental fields and are now known for their medical magnetics and medical transformers. This includes chokes, coils, and inductors used in medical devices and instruments. However, this is just one of the industries that requires high reliability components that Winatic now serves.

Winatic was initially incorporated in 1963, in Binghamton, NY.  Initially, the company manufactured printer coils primarily for International Business Machines (IBM) until this customer exited that market.
In 1982, Electro Technik Industries, Inc. (ETI) purchased the Winatic Corp. from High Voltage Engineering, Inc. where it remains a subsidiary.  In the year 2000, Winatic’s manufacturing was moved to Costa Rica.

Today,  Winatic manufactures magnetics and transformers primarily for the medical field, but they are proud of their long history of manufacturing high volume, high quality bobbin coils and transformers.
Marrying these two capabilities has allowed them to do high volume production and produce a high reliability product for the medical industry or anyone who cannot skimp on quality.  They look forward to putting their long history and experience to work for you.