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Macronix International

Prodotti della serie

  • NOR Flash / NAND Flash / Multichip Packages / ROM


  • Consumer Electronics / Communication / Network / Transportation / Automotive

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Macronix International Fabbricante

Founded in 1989, Macronix is leading supplier of ROM products. The company is headquartered in the Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan with 3500 employees. Macronix possesses one 8-inch wafer fab (Fab 2) and one 6-inch wafer fab (Fab 1). Fab 2 emphasizes in the nonvolatile memory products in Fab 2, while Fab 1 focuses on strategic foundry business for niche logic products. In addition, the company is dedicated to investing in advanced technology development with more than 3,600 patents granted. The company also announced the world's first Flash prospective technology, BE-SONOS?. Besides, Macronix is jointly developing technology for Phase Change memories along with its high technology alliance partners in the world to provide the next generation of nonvolatile memory solutions.

Macronix supplies a wide range of Serial Flash products from 512Kbit to 256Mbit densities. Flash products with extremely small packages as well as very thin packages in space-constrained applications are also available. Besides, the company offers a Known Good Die (KGD) program for System In Package (SIP) solutions. The company has been CG6002 certified by the Corporate Governance Association. Furthermore, Macronix was the first semiconductor manufacturer which received the Social Accountability International Standard (SA 8000: 2001) certification in Hsinchu Science Park. The company is engaging in providing innovative customer/application driven system solutions and non-volatile memory for the computing, communications, and consumer markets.

Product Line:

NOR Flash

Serial NOR Flash
Parallel NOR Flash
OctaBus Memory
Wide Range Vcc Flash
Ultra Low Vcc Flash

NAND Flash

Serial NAND Flash
e.MMC Memory

Multichip Packages


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