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  • Ora pubblicata : 2019-03-21
    ADI's ADP5090 is an ultra low power boost regulator that converts photovoltaic or Teg DC POWER TO LITHIUM ION batteries, thin film batteries, ultracapacitors and conventional capacitors, as well as all small appliances and battery free systems.
  • Ora pubblicata : 2018-10-23
    The mid-level UAV flight controller is ideal for high-end personal UAVs and research and commercial systems that require more advanced communication buses.Custom interfaces such as individual motor tachometers to detect failure or obstructions can be accommodated on a single chip by using an NXP MCU with integrated FlexIO.
  • Ora pubblicata : 2018-08-31
    NXP technology supports three-phase meters for home and commercial metering applications, which are an important part of the smart grid.Jotrin Electronics will provide you with relevant solutions to help you understand the relevant electronic components.