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Fingerprint identification solution based on TS1011 of STM32F205

Ora pubblicata : 2018-11-23 ST
With the development of electronics industry,the use of electronic components is becoming more widespread. TS1011 based on STM32F205 can meet the technical requirements of fingerprint identification.

Introduzione alla soluzione

Fingerprint identification refers to authentication by comparing the detailed features of different fingerprints. 

Fingerprint identification technology involves image processing, pattern identification, computer vision, mathematical morphology, wavelet analysis and many other disciplines. The key to fingerprint identification technology is to develop a comprehensive solution.

TS1011 is an integrated semiconductor fingerprint module based on STM32F205 MCU, which meets the requirements of fingerprint identification technology and becomes one of the best options for fingerprint identification solutions.

Why choose TS1011

1.The features of TS1011 is small package, low power consumption, low cost. It is designed with a unique optical path to make the structure of the fingerprint sensor smaller.

2. It can effectively eliminate false fingerprints. The module has a built-in human body sensing device that can reject various fake fingers, such as rubber fingers, finger cots, etc.

3.TS1011 is easy to develop. It does not require professional fingerprint product design experience. The interface code and command set are public, and the fingerprint identification process is completely transparent to the host computer. It can realize assembly-type secondary development and reduce the development pressure of customers.

The block diagram of TS1011 of STM32F205

The block diagram of TS1011 of STM32F205

What is the Specifications of TS1011

1.The features of Fingerprint sensor package:

 10.3mm x 13.2mm chip size.
 Each pixel has an 8-bit gray depth.
 COB (on-board chip) package.
 Package size of 14.0mm x 20.0mm.
 SPI master-slave interface with a maximum transfer rate of @ 24MHz.
 Maximum frame rate: 60 frames per second (192 x 256@24MHz).
 ±15KV air discharge, ±8KV contact discharge.
 Internal 12MHz system oscillator.
 Built-in 4KHz low power oscillator.

Ability to detect real skin

2.Module performance:

 Algorithm rejection rate: <1%.
 Alignment speed: 1:1<3ms 1:N (1:400) <1s.
 Algorithm misunderstanding rate: <0.0005%.
 User deposits: 150 standard, can be customized.
 Working current: 70mA.
 Interface: Uart 232/TTL.
 Working environment: -25-+70 degrees Celsius.
 Reset: Built-in power-on reset/power-off reset.
 Application Docking: Online Application Offline application.
 Structure: 33.4*20.4*6mm.
 Maximum humidity: 90% without condensation.

Introduction of STM32 F2 Series High Performance MC

UThe ARM® CortexTM-M3-based STM32 F2 family of MCUs is manufactured using ST's advanced 90 nm NVM process.With an innovative adaptive real-time memory accelerator and multi-layer bus matrix, it is cost-effective.

The STM32 F2 is a highly integrated mcu that integrates 1MB of Flash memory, 128KB SRAM, Ethernet MAC, USB 2.0 HS OTG, camera interface, hardware encryption support and external memory interface.

ST's acceleration technology enables these MCUs to achieve up to 150 DMIPS/398 CoreMark performance at 120 MHz, which is equivalent to zero-wait state execution while maintaining extremely low dynamic current consumption levels (75 μA/ MHz).

The electronic component device package includes LQFP64, LQFP100, LQFP144, WLCSP66 (< 4 × 4mm), UFBGA176, and LQFP176.

The series consists of two products with full compatibility of pins, peripherals and software. This series is also pin compatible with other STM32 products.

STM32F205/215 – 120 MHz CPU/150 DMIPS, up to 1MB of Flash memory with advanced connectivity and encryption.

STM32F207/217 – 120 MHz CPU/150 DMIPS, up to 1MB of Flash memory with advanced connectivity and encryption, adds Ethernet MAC and camera interface to the STM32F205/215; the larger the package, the more GPIO and features

Componenti chiave

No. Numero di parte Fabbricante
2 STM32F205ZGT6 ST
3 STM32F205VGT7 ST
4 STM32F205ZE ST
5 STM32F205ZET6 ST
6 STM32F205ZET7 ST
7 STM32F205RG ST
9 STM32F205VCT6 ST
10 STM32F205VGT6 ST